Boise: GOT JUNK? Get Rid Of It!!

Posted by Boise Home Helper on May 4, 2016

Commercial and Residential CleanupOk Treasure Valley, the temperatures are getting down right unseasonably warm ( Scott Dorval said so! ) and that means Spring cleaning is quickly becoming Summer Scrambling in order to get everything tidied up before the busy hot months ahead. Soccer games, football, dance, and then heaven forbid you have company – you don’t want them seeing the actual conditions you live in! – when are you ever going to find time to get rid of all the stuff that’s been piling up over Winter?!

Don’t Panic! Just Holler!

Junk Holler is 100% Boise Builders Group approved! Whether you just have a lot of stuff that needs hauled away, have old appliances to remove, or even have things to recycle or donate to charity Junk Holler can help! They do more than just grab and trash your stuff – they offer recycling and donation services for all the items they pick up so you can be sure that you’re being conscientious about your disposal. See all the items they take here!

Here are just a few of their residential junk removal services:

Attic Cleanout
Barn & Shed Cleanout
Basement Cleanout
Estate Cleanout
Garage Cleanout
Garage & Yard Sale Cleanup
Hoarding Cleanout
Senior Services
Storage Unit Cleanout

Their helpful crew will do all the work to remove your unwanted items, while you sit back and watch your piles of junk disappear. We will not only do all the heavy lifting and loading but also leave no mess behind. You can feel good knowing that we apply environmentally responsible practices that recycle or donate your unwanted items whenever possible.
Schedule your pickup online or by calling (208) 899-4000.

What’s Happening in Boise?

Posted by Boise Home Helper on June 1, 2014

we love the city of trees!
New to Boise and not sure what’s what? 
Long time local looking to learn something new about the place you already love?

From long time locals to well traveled new comers, one thing they all agree on is that for whatever reason – geographic or otherwise – Boise really has it’s own vibe, unique from any other place. So it can be a little hard to take in at a quick glance.

Listed in several top ten lists over the last several years as a great place to work, live, play, and raise a family, Boise has also drawn a lot of eyes as the potential next technology hub in the Northwest.

We here at the Boise Builders Group strive to provide a living resource for residents throughout the Treasure Valley old and new alike. More than just services for your every home and business need each and every one of our members shares one other thing in common: they KNOW Boise – because they work and live here just like you!

We invite you to visit our Facebook fan page in order to stay up on the latest local events as well as special deals from us!Here too are a few other great online resources to learn more about what’s going on in Boise!

Idaho Links from Paul Heim

Idaho Home Services List

Idaho Technology and Humor

Nampa Bread and Community

Got a local link we should know about? Have a favorite thing about living in Boise that YOU love?!
We want to hear about it! Contact us or post on our fan page to get in touch!

Get to Know Airpro!

Posted by Boise Home Helper on May 5, 2014

Summer is quickly on it’s way Boise! It’s a good time to get things ready for the hot months ahead; that includes servicing your air conditioner and heating systems! We of course recommend Airpro for all your home heating and air needs in the Treasure Valley, and as part of our belief in working with folks we KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST, we want you to also get to know John Bertram from Airpro as well!

John_BertramI grew up in Boise around my fathers heating and sheet metal shop. When I was in college my father had a heart attack and I came home to work for him and never changed my business.   It’s been almost 40 years now.
I find great satisfaction in solving problems for people and serving people with honest pricing and quality products.

In a heating and ac business you get to work with sheet metal, electrical and control wiring, plumbing, refrigeration, indoor air quality, and duct design and installation. I like the diversity of the tasks and even after years doing it I always learn something every day.
This last week I had a customer in Caldwell call me and I was overbooked.
I was not able to make the trip to help him but was able to give him some things to try to correct his problem.

He phoned me the next day to tell me what I told him to do, fixed his problem, he thanked me. Things like this make it worth the effort for me.

If you are having problems with your air conditioner in Idaho , or just need to put in a service call don’t hesitate to pick up the phone! I love helping my customer get exactly what they need!

Boise Air Conditioning

Call 208-853-6556 or visit

Fall in Boise Already?!

Posted by Boise Home Helper on September 10, 2012

Believe it or not the last week of Summer is upon us here in Boise! It seems like it was just last week that we were wondering if the sweltering heat would ever see an end; yet here we are already getting the coats out of the closet and thinking about starting the Christmas shopping.

Even though it’s not quite the end of Summer just yet, it’s still a good time to start taking care of seasonal home maintenance items before they get the jump on you!

Here are some good tips to help you keep your household in great shape for the change of seasons ahead!


Check for Drafts
Feel for drafty windows and doors. You can use a lighted candle near entry points to your home to detect where you might be experiencing air leaks. Keeping the heat in your home over the winter can save you big bucks. Talk to our Boise HVAC Pro if you need help!

Roof Check!
Here’s one place you do NOT want to have to deal with mid-winter! If you are able to do so safely, now is the time to at least give your roof the quick once over to check for loose shingles or leaks. Need a roofer in Boise? Talk to our Roofing Pro!

Clean the Gutters
Keeping the gutters clear of debris can really help make things run a lot smoother, especially as we have the more wet Fall months ahead of us. A good once over should do the trick, but if your gutters are hard to reach or just too much to take on All Valley Window Cleaning can help you take care of them – or you can give our Boise Handyman a call also!

Winter will be a terrible time for leaks or burst pipes! Get ahead of those items by inspecting your water systems. This includes blowing out sprinklers, storing hoses, and making sure outside faucets are weather ready. Our Boise Plumbing Expert can help you with any of your plumbing questions or needs.

Chimney sweeps aren’t something just out of Mary Poppins – and if you’ve ever experienced a clogged or dirty chimney you know they are no children’s faerie tale! A filthy chimney is not only inefficient but it can be a real hazard! Keep your house warm and safe – talk to our Chimney Sweeping Pro!

No matter how long your list of honey-do’s and get-ready items may be the Boise Builders Group can help you get those things marked off your list! Get your home ready for the Winter now so you can enjoy these fast fleeting months of Fall in Boise while they last!

Home Help on FacebookWant to stay up on all the fun events and festivals in Boise this Fall? The best way to do that is to LIKE our Fan Page on Facebook! We’ve always got great local information and home tips!

Titan Restoration and Boise City Handyman

Posted by Boise Home Helper on August 22, 2012

Idaho is BeautifulWhat an amazing Summer we’ve been having in Boise this year! Despite the horrible wildfires and constant haze in the sky overall we’ve felt genuinely blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful and diverse state! July and August are always busy busy months, what with the Western Idaho State Fair and so many other great events and festivals going on it’s hard to keep track of them all.

That said, with Summer rapidly coming to a close ( can you believe it’s already almost September?! ) it won’t be long before it’s time to begin getting your home ready for the long – hopefully snowy! – Idaho winter ahead.  We hope you will keep the Boise Builders Group in mind when the time comes to get things checked off your list this Fall – ALL of our great Idaho home services are at your beck and call!

This month we are excited to welcome two great new Boise Builders Group affiliates to our list of exceptional service providers for Idaho. In a very short time both have really proven themselves to be members of outstanding quality!

Titan Restoration
Visit Their Website
Find Them on Facebook

Specializing in flood and water damage restoration, Titan Restoration is your trusted source for extraordinary water damage repair and mold remediation services. Whether your home is damaged by flood, or gets damaged by water from leaky pipes or other problems Titan Restoration is here for you. Offering the most complete and thorough restoration available – guaranteed!

Boise City Handyman
Visit Their Website
Visit Them on Facebook

Chuck Lichtenhan of Boise City Handyman has a passion to serve. His dedication to his customers and to his community have made him a fast rising star on the local home services scene. We here at the BBG have been thoroughly impressed with his can-do attitude and positive mindset even when faced with immense challenges.

Boise City Handyman specializes in Drywall, Painting, Carpet Repair,  and a myriad of other  services to help get your home working right and help keep it working right! More than just a handyman for residential customers, Boise City Handyman is also proud to work with many Boise area property management companies as well. Call them to tame your to-do list today!

As always, stay tuned to this website and visit us on Facebook for even more great home tips and Boise news!

Boise Business Tip: Video Marketing

Posted by Boise Home Helper on June 14, 2012

Our last affiliate meeting was exceptionally educational thanks to Boise REALTOR® Nick Smith! He gave a special presentation about some of the things in regards to video marketing that he’s found highly effective for real estate agents and small business owners. We’ll have the full presentation available for our members here, but wanted to share some of the key points to help others get started.

Youtube FAQ:
Since it began in 2005 Youtube has helped video explode onto the scene online; it wasn’t long before people were using it to find more than  bloopers. More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years. The number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube increased by 1,000% in the last year; it shows no signs of stopping.

Three Great Tips for Youtube:

Pay It Forward:
Keep your messages upbeat and positive. Site your sources; share credit where credit is due.  Keep it interesting, informative, humorous or educational.

Content is King:
Make sure you’ve got a message to present. Don’t always be selling, show and SHARE. Give your viewers something they can use. Bring value – don’t make videos just to make them (unless they are REALLY good!).

Don’t Break the Bank:
A video can be well done without a huge production cost. Keep it short and sweet. Most videos shouldn’t run longer than 2 minutes; you’ll be surprised how much you can fit into even 50 seconds.

Are you a Boise area business owner or individual using Youtube? We’d love to hear from you regarding what may be working for you; we are always glad to connect with new people!

A great big thanks again to Nick Smith! You can find Nick helping residents new and old find their dream homes. He is a member of the New View Real Estate Team and works alongside Paul Heim, another of Idaho’s exceptional real estate community.

New Homeowner Tips: Maintenace

Posted by Boise Home Helper on February 22, 2012
boise home maintenanceBeing a new homeowner is an exciting time in your life; getting your new home in order is without a doubt one of your biggest focuses after the paperwork and moving is done. Getting the furniture in place and decorating, hanging photos, all these things will no doubt create a whirlwind of energy around you as you settle in.

But it shouldn’t stop there – although it may be less thrilling, it is also up to you to have a plan in mind for your new homes routine maintenance in the coming months.Besides the usual cleaning and taking care of things like carpets and dusting there are a number of things you can do to help maintain your home for years of comfort to come.

Here are some good maintenance tips to keep in mind:

• In late summer or early fall give all your systems( air condiditioning, heating, plumbing) a good inspection.

• Be sure to change air filters at least every three months.(maybe more if you are in the more dusty parts of Idaho!)

• Clean the filters and dust screens on any freezers or refridgerators frequently.

• If you have a gas furnace, keep your pilot light burning during the summer to help keep the furnace dry and prevent corrosion.

• If there is a noise, there could be a problem. Worn washers or loose parts in your faucets can be the source of noisy pipes. It’s good to make sure all washers and parts are tight and in good working order to help reduce vibration that can lead to leaks later on.

• Every four to six years, paint gutters that are not made of aluminum or vinyl to help prevent rust.

• Remove firewood stored near the home. Firewood should be stored at least 18 inches off the ground at least 2 feet from the structure to cut back on pest problems.

• Have a qualified heating and cooling contractor clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning system. An annual service call will keep the system working at peak performance levels.

• Vacuum the clothes dryer’s exhaust duct at least once a year. If the duct is plastic, replace it. Rigid sheet-metal ducting is best.

These are just a few suggestions. Our experienced home service professionals are more than glad to answer any questions you might have about specific parts of your home. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line here or join us on Facebook to get answers to your home maintenance questions and see what the Boise Builders Group can do for you!

Bugs in Boise? We Can Help!

Posted by Boise Home Helper on November 14, 2011

boise pest controlCapitol Pest Management is a native Boise company with 12+ years of experience in keeping your home and family safe from common pests.

Our staff is considerably knowledgeable and experienced in treating all types of pests typical to the Boise area; and are dedicated to doing so while offering a level of customer service 2nd to none.

Our Methods: Recognizing that the purpose of pest control is to protect your home and family Capitol considers safety and comfort a priority when treating your property. Because every property is unique we thoroughly inspect the area of your home to determine what pests are present and what measures are required to safely and successfully treat the problem.

Effective pest control often requires the use of pesticide products which should always be taken seriously and only applied by professionals who have a working knowledge of these products.

At Capitol Pest Management our technicians are educated with extensive knowledge of the pest control products we use. They are trained to recognize when to use these products, when not to use them and how to properly and safely apply them when required.

As a company we are also diligent in choosing the most environmentally and family friendly products available. We understand that that the methods and products used to protect your home and family must not present unnecessary safety or comfort issues. The products Capitol chooses to utilize are EPA approved and will not pollute the area of application. Rest assured that the only lasting change to the environment of your home will be the lack of those pesky pests.

Don’t suffer with bugs! From immediate solutions to long-term pest management we can help you with all your pest control needs in Boise!

Call  Capitol Pest Management – (208)368.9855

Home Appliance Service Open House

Posted by Boise Home Helper on September 8, 2011

Boise Home Appliance ServiceDon’t Miss This Great Boise Gathering!

Please join us on September 23rd, 11am – 2pm for Home Appliance Service’s Open House!

Boise Chamber of Commerce will be on hand, as well as a representative of Boise City Council! We are located on the NW corner of 5mile and Executive. There will be refreshments, door prizes and lots of fun! Ribbon cutting at 11am.

Home Appliance Service Inc is your number one source for quality appliance repair and servicing in Boise Idaho’s Treasure Valley! We can help you save that old washer or appliance and save cash at the same time!

Click HERE For a Map

Visit Our Boise Home Appliance Website!

Homeowner Tip: Make Your Ladder Safe

Posted by Boise Home Helper on May 11, 2011

Boise Window CleaningHomeowners: Three Ways to Make Your Ladder Safer

By Kevin Kelso
All Valley Window Cleaning 208-323-6187

One of my most memorable moments on an extension ladder came many years ago when I first started cleaning windows. I was on a twenty-four foot. ladder inside a house and the ladder was set on a slick hardwood floor. There were no problems as I climbed the ladder. However, as I started cleaning the window, I felt my ladder slowly slip a couple of inches. I quickly grabbed onto a beam and held on until the homeowner came to hold my ladder after hearing me call for help. Shortly after that incident, I heard of another window cleaner that actually went down with his ladder because he set his ladder on a throw rug. He climbed his ladder to the top, but took a quick ride down because the throw rug did not have a non-slip pad under it.

Both of those incidents sent me on a quest to insure my ladder safety. To this day, after twenty-seven years, I have not had a ladder accident, nor has anyone in my company ever had a ladder accident. As homeowners invariably attempt to clean their own windows, I would like to pass on a few tips on making your ladder safer.

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