Boise Home Inspection Q & A

Posted by Boise Home Helper on November 12, 2012

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Why have a home inspection?
Investments in Knowledge Pay Dividends!
A professional home inspection is such a valuable investment. An analysis of the property, conducted by a specially trained and completely objective home inspector, can identify non-functioning systems, damaged building components, safety issues and quality installations. Having this information before you purchase, sell, repair or remodel can return many dividends, both financially and emotionally.

How to Choose a Home Inspector?
Qualified inspectors are confident in the quality and value of an inspection. They’re eager to answer any questions to demonstrate the depth and importance of an inspection. Since inspectors in Idaho are not required to have a state license, it is critical to ascertain & verify their background.

How many inspections have you completed?
What types of insurance do you carry? Are you bonded? Home inspectors must carry liability insurance. It is one of the major costs for a home inspector, request proof of coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Inspections and Home Inspectors

Q: What is covered in an inspection?
A: Generally, home inspections include the evaluation of the outside area, roof, structural, electrical, plumbing, fireplace, & HVAC. This usually includes inspecting the crawlspace, attic, walking the roof and removal of any electrical panels. For more information, please visit Inspections.

Q: When buying real estate, am I required to have a home inspection?
A: No, a buyer can decide not to have a home inspection, but a quality home inspection provides assurance from a independent 3rd party. Everyone involved benefits from a home inspection. Even new homes, condos and condo-conversions benefit.

Q: When to order or who orders a home inspection?
A: Most home inspections are requested and paid for by the buyer during escrow and time is usually of the essence. It is important to have an inspection completed and reviewed by the buyer and buyer’s agent in a timely manner to determine if any requests for repairs need to be submitted to the seller. The report may recommend a further evaluation by a specialist in determining a remedy.

Many times new sellers will request a home inspection to be done prior to listing their dwelling. This has numerous benefits: it allows ample time to remedy the affordable repairs and decreases any liability exposure by supplementing the Transfer Disclosure Statement. It also minimizes the chances of “discoveries” as a result of any buyers inspection during escrow.

If you are looking for an exceptional home inspector here in the Treasure Valley call Randy Funk Home Inspections today! We have the technology, the quality, and skill you need to be assured that your home is inspected properly.

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What’s Inside YOUR Home?

Posted by Boise Home Helper on June 26, 2012

An unseen danger could be lurking behind your walls! It can be one of the worst things to discover hiding within your home, but it is something that must adressed to keep it from getting worse. MOLD!

As a home inspector Randy Funk has seen all manner of water intrusion and mold outbreaks that have turned dreamhomes into real nightmare scenarios. Making sure you’ve got a qualified and experienced home inspector before you buy a home can help you from waking up to troubles years later.

You see, simply visual inspection can’t always spot mold in it’s early stages – even if you are very thorough! Infrared thermal imaging however can spot traces of moisture in your walls before any visual sign even appears; is the preferred method for finding potential mold hazards before they start.

“I highly recommend considering a home inspector who uses this new technology.  Do I know one you ask?  Of course.  His name is Randy Funk.”, recommends local Boise Realtor Debbie Cleaver. “Check out his website for more information here.  He serves all of SW Idaho and is regularly featured on 670KBOI. He might just be a local celebrity!”

Are you considering buying a home and need a home inspection? Maybe you’ve had your home for a while but are concerned there could be mold, or have recently experienced a leaky roof or appliance that may have water damaged your home. Either way Randy Funk Home Inspections can inspect your home using the latest techniques and technology to put your mind at ease. Call him today at 208.914.5793 or visit him online!