Boise Health Tip: Life with Diabetes

Posted by Boise Home Helper on January 3, 2012

boise health insurance“There’s no diabetes that’s not bad. It’s all serious.”—Anne Daly, American Diabetes Association.

Like many people who think that they are reasonably healthy, they ignore the nagging symptoms. They might blamed the persistent thirst on the antihistamines they take. They might attribute the frequent urination to an excess intake of water. And the tiredness—well, what working adult does not get exhausted?

However when a blood test confirms that diabetes is the culprit, It may be difficult to accept the diagnosis. Upon learning that they have diabetes, some experience a flood of emotions, including depression and even anger. These are natural responses to what seems an unfair blow. With support, however, those with diabetes can adapt.

Why Serious?
Diabetes has been called “a disorder of the very engine of life,” and for good reason. When the body cannot metabolize glucose, a number of vital mechanisms can break down, sometimes with life-threatening consequences. “People don’t die directly from diabetes,” says Dr. Harvey Katzeff, “they die from complications. We do a good job of preventing complications, but a poor job of treating [them] once they occur.”

Is there hope for those who are afflicted with diabetes? Yes—if they recognize the seriousness of the disorder and submit to a program of treatment.

The effects of Diabetes are life changing a long term, but there are things you can do to understand this disorder and make dealing with it easier.

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Does your home in Boise need help?

Posted by Boise Home Helper on September 1, 2011

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