Beds, Bugs & Beyond

Posted by Boise Home Helper on March 19, 2014

boise bedbugsNo, it’s not a creepy new kind of home accessory outlet! It’s a subject we’ve been itchin’ to talk about! BUGS. More specifically: Bed Bugs! Bed bug activity is on the rise in the Treasure Valley.

Before we discuss when it’s time to call a pest professional let’s talk about what bed bugs don’t do:

1 They do not jump or fly (thankfully!)
2 They do not feed every day.
3 They do not transfer disease.

So, when is it time to call for help?
You will very likely notice once the infestation comes to a boil, but consider these things as well. If you’ve recently traveled and have itchy welts you can’t explain from a normal bug bite, like from mosquitoes or biting flies.

Bad as it sounds, if friends or family visit and they have had a history of bed bugs as these critters do like to travel!

And…of course…if you got a “smokin’ hot deal” on some gently used furniture from Craigslist! :)

There is no need to panic however! If you suspect bed bugs may be an issue give Capitol Pest a call – they can help! They use environmentally conscious products and know bugs better than anyone in Idaho! Don’t scratch and suffer – call Capitol Pest if something BUGS you!

Capitol Pest Management

Bugs in Boise? We Can Help!

Posted by Boise Home Helper on November 14, 2011

boise pest controlCapitol Pest Management is a native Boise company with 12+ years of experience in keeping your home and family safe from common pests.

Our staff is considerably knowledgeable and experienced in treating all types of pests typical to the Boise area; and are dedicated to doing so while offering a level of customer service 2nd to none.

Our Methods: Recognizing that the purpose of pest control is to protect your home and family Capitol considers safety and comfort a priority when treating your property. Because every property is unique we thoroughly inspect the area of your home to determine what pests are present and what measures are required to safely and successfully treat the problem.

Effective pest control often requires the use of pesticide products which should always be taken seriously and only applied by professionals who have a working knowledge of these products.

At Capitol Pest Management our technicians are educated with extensive knowledge of the pest control products we use. They are trained to recognize when to use these products, when not to use them and how to properly and safely apply them when required.

As a company we are also diligent in choosing the most environmentally and family friendly products available. We understand that that the methods and products used to protect your home and family must not present unnecessary safety or comfort issues. The products Capitol chooses to utilize are EPA approved and will not pollute the area of application. Rest assured that the only lasting change to the environment of your home will be the lack of those pesky pests.

Don’t suffer with bugs! From immediate solutions to long-term pest management we can help you with all your pest control needs in Boise!

Call  Capitol Pest Management – (208)368.9855