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Buying a Home in Idaho? It Should Be About More Than The Price

Posted by Boise Home Helper on February 3, 2016

boise home loansWhen it comes to buying a home the old adage is location, location, location and then of course: price! Truth be told, much like with any purchase, there is a lot to consider well beyond just the price of the home when you’re looking into buying. Another old adage: you get what you pay for – and that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of bargains to be had, but do you really want to pick the place you’ll be spending at least the next several years just because it cost less? Let’s hope not.

Here are some other important factors to think about when buying a home courtesy of our real estate pro Paul Heim of New View Real Estate!

The Neighborhood
This goes back to that location location bit. The community your home is in can be a big part of your satisfaction with your new place, after all the people around you will be a part of your every day life for a while. It’s best then if the neighbors are friendly, the neighborhood powers that be are mindful without being overbearing and that generally the neighborhood itself is neighbor-GOOD. Consider too the amenities in and around the community, is there a park or other things that make the location appealing? Make sure your new neighborhood suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Closet space, kitchen space, storage space, a place for everything and everything in it’s place and where in the world will we put the dog bed?! The available space of the home you’re looking at buying is a very important thing. Just imagine buying a car after a casual test drive and then finding out that it actually doesn’t have a trunk…or a backseat…this is a similar experience to not thinking about how much space you’ll need before you buy. Don’t leave yourself open to having to rent additional off-site storage just so you have a spot to put everything.

The Commute
Once you’ve narrowed down the area you want to live in it’s a really good idea to think about the daily commute. Whether it’s just to and from work or the route to groceries and other needed shopping spots you should likely drive the distance between these places and your prospective home to really get a feel for how the drive will impact you. Not just the distance and time itself but also the traffic volumes and how weather may change the overall time needed to get where you want to go.

Bonus Thought: Those High Ceilings
Every home buyer loves high vaulted ceilings. They love the open quality it lends to the room, the airiness and way it makes the space feel larger…until they actually live in the space for a while and are confronted with the realities of this style design. Don’t let this keep you from buying if it’s a feature you just love, just understand it requires a lot more energy to warm and cool all that open air, and of course any time you have to change bulbs or smoke detector batteries you’ll need a extension ladder.

Not sure if it’s time to buy a home in Idaho?
Not sure where to even begin? You don’t have to search all over the web to find a home, just talk to Paul Heim and his team of experienced Idaho real estate professionals. They have the knowledge and skills you’ll need to make an informed decision every step of the way towards your new dream home.

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Retire In Boise?

Posted by Boise Home Helper on March 2, 2015

502438_29751262Baby Boomers have always had a big impact on American culture no matter what stage in their lives they are at; it’s not likely that will change any time soon – even as they move into retirement age.

That being the case many seniors today are changing the way they retire, and where they retire too. More and more frequently we’re seeing people looking to retire not to the sleepy little one stop light towns as they had in previous generations, but instead there has been an explosion in those looking for more amenities in bigger cities.


This shift in living is expected to continue with city life becoming even more appealing as we approach the next decade, especially considering the number of Americans over age 50 is expected to triple in the next ten years. Before long it won’t be seniors that are adapting to city life, but rather cities adapting to how seniors want to live! Even today there are a number of reasons why a little bigger city might be appealing, for instance:


Educational Opportunity
The Baby Boomer generation is big on keeping boredom at bay, and one way to do that is by keeping your mental facilities strong and growing. Larger metro areas definitely offer more opportunities to take courses just for learning sake, or for those who missed their chance earlier in life to complete their greater education.


Public Transportation
In many cases seniors living in more rural areas may lose their ability to drive and become more dependent on family or others to take care of themselves. Even if physical issues aren’t a problem the cost of owning a vehicle and keeping it running well are often daunting if you are on a fixed income. With more access to city provided transportation seniors can regain some of that lost independence and also save travel costs.


Better Health
Many larger cities will be able to provide a larger selection of health care providers, including specialists, and a greater number of therapy options. Should you have a medical emergency you can also count on a faster response in the city than you might if you were far out in the wilds.


Shopping shopping shopping!
Cities obviously will have a larger number of businesses to choose from no matter what you might be shopping for; let’s be honest, sometimes we aren’t shopping for anything except to see what there is! Whether it’s a chic boutique, or something so simple as your daily groceries, chances are if you are in the city you will be closer to the source for whatever kind of goods you may need.


Staying Social
Establishing a good circle of friends and social resources is crucial to a satisfying retirement life. Staying active, and interacting with others can help prevent depression, loss of health, and generally promotes a greater enjoyment of living. City life not only offers more social activities like theaters, plays, and get togethers but it is also usually much easier to grow your social circle and meet new friends when there is a larger community of individuals to mingle with.


Without a doubt there are more homes to choose from in the city. Whereas most rural communities have not only a limited type and number of living spaces they also generally have fewer rental homes and retirement living centers as well. More metro areas will have not only more places to choose from on the whole but most of those places will offer more features as well like property management, so maintaining your new home won’t be an added hassle.


Have you considered retiring in Boise? It is a wonderful place to live, work, and play! Not so big of a city to be intimidating, and not so small of a town that you have to worry about doing without, the City of Tree’s has an endless number of great resources for today’s active senior.

New Year Could Mean New Market for Old Homes

Posted by Boise Home Helper on January 4, 2014

Many home buyers are surprised when they hit the market looking for a new home and find that many of them aren’t so new themselves. Perplexing to some but if you have the inside scoop this is not so surprising. In a recent survey by RealtyTrac it was shown that around 70% of single family homes newly listed for sale were built before 1990. This percentage may be slightly off here in Idaho’s Treasure Valley as the past year has shown steady population growth and a number of great home builders still building in the valley.

Even so, it is very likely that the homes you may be looking at will not necessarily be built-to-suit or new construction in many cases. Experts are saying this is due to the “real estate hangover” from the market turn down several years back when home building practically came to a halt. Even with the promising comeback new construction is still down an average of 40% below long term norms.

Is this all bad though?

The average pre-1990 home sold for 9% less than a newer one in the same market – so good news for those looking to buy, but no so much for sellers.

But once again it all comes down to location, location, location, as even older homes can see a boost in value depending on their locale. Custom features not seen in newer homes, like sweeping staircases, crown molding, and others can also help to balance out the loss in market trends as well.

If you are in the market for an older home, here are a few guidelines to follow:

Do the walk through with your home inspector.
This is the best opportunity to find any potential problem areas and to get the insight of a professional on their severity.

Budget for repairs and upgrades.
Consider the difference between installing new more energy efficient systems versus the cost of maintaining an older one. Many such upgrades like solar water heating can pay for themselves over time easily.

Know when to call it quits.
Everyone likes a challenge, but knowing when a home is just too far beyond your time,energy, or budget it a must for saving heart ache down the road. Think long term before making a decision in the now.

Not sure where to even start?
Have dreams of moving up or getting into classic home rehab? Working with a qualified REALTOR is always the first best step, whether you are buying or selling. Paul Heim of the New View Real Estate Team has the experience and know-how you’ll need no matter what kind of real estate opportunities present themselves.

2013 Economic Real Estate Outlook for the Treasure Valley

Posted by Boise Home Helper on March 4, 2013

Idaho ranked 20th Best Business Tax Environment in the US for 2012.  While not in the ‘top ten’ that is a significant improvement over previous years.  I predicted that over the next several years, States that are more fiscally responsible and more tax friendly will start to see more development and migration.   I believe Boise will start feeling that benefit this year as we have already seen the commercial growth to encompass that trend.

Available housing inventory is very low currently as new development has been lagging, which may drive prices up short term on existing homes in some markets . An average market will have up to six months of inventory, we are less than three.  Eventually new housing developments will start to come available and will ease the current situation. Over the remaining part of 2013 however we will continue to see a lower level of available inventory.  Within 18 months the problem should adjust as more new developments come out of planning to fruition and some home owners, who previously were just a little under water, will now be able to list and sell.  We are experiencing that currently.

I anticipate rural land values to start a recovery in 2013.  Whether it will it be as sharp as the housing value correction of 2012 remains to be seen, more than likely it will be a slower but hopefully steady pace.

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Boise – Most Improved Real Estate Market

Posted by Boise Home Helper on September 18, 2012

A new index to rate housing’s strength in regions across the country has been developed by market analyst Corelogic. This new scale incorporates real estate, economic, and mortgage factors to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each market.

Even with advanced calculating the real estate data giant admits that factors like continued high unemployement rates, negative equity, and turbulent governmental conditions have made it difficult to get completely accurate figures. Despite those things however the data clearly shows that overall home prices are stablizing and even rising in some areas.

It is not surprising to see major cities like San Jose and Las Vegas listed in the ranks of the quickest recovering cities, which are ranked according to their year-to-year performances, but our very own shining jewel Boise, Idaho has been the industry secret to surprise everyone but the locals. Ranked #1 the City of Tree’s can thank it’s stellar score to a decline in unemployment and a rise in home prices.

Experts will argue whether this seeming recovery in the real estate sector will have any real staying power, as previous attempts to rally fell flat, but Chief Economist Mark Fleming pointed out that a thinning of the available inventory and fewer foreclosures burdening the market shows real promise.

“Today’s new housing market really might be different this time around,” he said, recently. With any hope he will be right and Idaho can help lead the way!

Are you uncertain if now is a the time to buy a home? Maybe you wonder if renting might be more affordable, or just don’t know where to start looking? Whatever your situation, Paul Heim and his team of experience Idaho REALTORS® at the New View Real Estate Team would love the opportunity to talk with you about your particular ideas. Contact Paul today to start finding the home you want!

What’s Inside YOUR Home?

Posted by Boise Home Helper on June 26, 2012

An unseen danger could be lurking behind your walls! It can be one of the worst things to discover hiding within your home, but it is something that must adressed to keep it from getting worse. MOLD!

As a home inspector Randy Funk has seen all manner of water intrusion and mold outbreaks that have turned dreamhomes into real nightmare scenarios. Making sure you’ve got a qualified and experienced home inspector before you buy a home can help you from waking up to troubles years later.

You see, simply visual inspection can’t always spot mold in it’s early stages – even if you are very thorough! Infrared thermal imaging however can spot traces of moisture in your walls before any visual sign even appears; is the preferred method for finding potential mold hazards before they start.

“I highly recommend considering a home inspector who uses this new technology.  Do I know one you ask?  Of course.  His name is Randy Funk.”, recommends local Boise Realtor Debbie Cleaver. “Check out his website for more information here.  He serves all of SW Idaho and is regularly featured on 670KBOI. He might just be a local celebrity!”

Are you considering buying a home and need a home inspection? Maybe you’ve had your home for a while but are concerned there could be mold, or have recently experienced a leaky roof or appliance that may have water damaged your home. Either way Randy Funk Home Inspections can inspect your home using the latest techniques and technology to put your mind at ease. Call him today at 208.914.5793 or visit him online!

Boise Business Tip: Video Marketing

Posted by Boise Home Helper on June 14, 2012

Our last affiliate meeting was exceptionally educational thanks to Boise REALTOR® Nick Smith! He gave a special presentation about some of the things in regards to video marketing that he’s found highly effective for real estate agents and small business owners. We’ll have the full presentation available for our members here, but wanted to share some of the key points to help others get started.

Youtube FAQ:
Since it began in 2005 Youtube has helped video explode onto the scene online; it wasn’t long before people were using it to find more than  bloopers. More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years. The number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube increased by 1,000% in the last year; it shows no signs of stopping.

Three Great Tips for Youtube:

Pay It Forward:
Keep your messages upbeat and positive. Site your sources; share credit where credit is due.  Keep it interesting, informative, humorous or educational.

Content is King:
Make sure you’ve got a message to present. Don’t always be selling, show and SHARE. Give your viewers something they can use. Bring value – don’t make videos just to make them (unless they are REALLY good!).

Don’t Break the Bank:
A video can be well done without a huge production cost. Keep it short and sweet. Most videos shouldn’t run longer than 2 minutes; you’ll be surprised how much you can fit into even 50 seconds.

Are you a Boise area business owner or individual using Youtube? We’d love to hear from you regarding what may be working for you; we are always glad to connect with new people!

A great big thanks again to Nick Smith! You can find Nick helping residents new and old find their dream homes. He is a member of the New View Real Estate Team and works alongside Paul Heim, another of Idaho’s exceptional real estate community.

Activities in the Treasure Valley

Posted by Boise Home Helper on July 7, 2011

Did you know that prior to the 1960s Treasure Valley was called the Boise River Valley or the Snake River Valley? It was only in 1959 that the name was changed to reflect that the area was akin to a treasure chest rich with opportunities and potential. The name neatly summarizes the low-lying areas from Boise, Idaho to Vale, Oregon which encompasses the cities of Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Caldwell, Middleton and a number of others.

Hiking, biking and water sports are just some of the many activities available in this beautiful part of the world and a passion for many outdoor enthusiast. The attractions and amenities on offer illustrate why Treasure Valley is always rated high nationally for a great place to live and why many people relocate to the area. If you and your loved ones enjoy the great outdoors then this is the place to be and the State caters to many outdoor activities, most of which are free! The cost of living is reasonable and Boise housing and real estate is very affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Research moving and moving quotes, pack your belongings and head for a new and fantastic life in the Valley!

With a wealth of outdoors opportunities, you will be spoiled for choices as to what to do first. If you enjoy being at one with nature, the numerous parks in Treasure Valley are highly recommended for their open space and interesting sights, which cover many thousands of acres including some of the vast and stunning Boise National Forest, which is a haven for anglers, hikers, white water rafters, mountain bikers, horse back riding and runners. Boise Greenbelt is a perennial favorite with residents and visitors alike, who enjoy running, in-line skating, walking, hiking and biking the miles of trails that run along the beautiful Boise River. Take along a picnic, your binoculars and a camera, as a variety of birds and wildlife have made this their home, including deer, beavers, mink, eagles, red-winged blackbirds and beautiful blue herons. If you have four-legged friends of your own, they can accompany you in many parks but dogs must be kept on a leash.

boise river funIdaho has many rivers which are ideal for water sports and offer many opportunities for the mild enthusiast or the more experienced and daring. The Boise River is popular in the summer season for rafting or just an easy float in an inner-tube and the run between Barber Park and Ann Morrison Park is especially good. The season runs from June to around October and you can use the facilities independently or book with any of the experienced operators who run excursions on the water. Choose from a serene and pleasurable meander down the river or the adrenalin-filled thrills of white water rafting down the Payette River! The rivers also offer many secluded spots for fishing enthusiasts who enjoy relaxing in a quieter way!

Less than 20 miles outside the city is the Bogus Basin Mountain Resort where you can participate in snowboarding and snow tubing, downhill and cross-country skiing. If you prefer green grass to white snow, head to any of the impressive golf courses in Treasure Valley to improve your game or take lessons with a professional. The Shadow Valley course even has marshals who hand out cookies and coffee to players, which shows just how welcoming the locals are in Treasure Valley!

With so much on offer why don`t you make the best move of your life to Boise, Idaho and enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle in this incredible location.

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