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Fight Back Against Allergies!

Posted by Boise Home Helper on March 30, 2012

As Spring Time is in full swing here in the Treasure Valley many allergy sufferers are already having to deal with the pains and troubles that come along with it. Pollen, dust, and allergens can wreak havoc even on those who usually don’t have problems.

At our last Boise Builders Group meeting Karl Beynun presented us with his amazing new venture in air purification and sanitation – the Hyla system! The appearance of this compact device can be deceptive  as  one might not think one little machine could do so much, but great things come in small packages!

Boise Air PurificationThe Hyla system works by using water to purify the air, not a filter that can easily become clogged or need to be replaced. When the water has done it’s job, simply empty it out and you’re ready to go again! This amazing device can complete circulate and purify the air in the average home in under an hour and can also be used as a vacuum for stubborn carpet messes or on upholstery!  In addition it can be used to balance the humidity in your home and when used as a cleaner is able to pick up dust mite and dander that other machines miss!

Our group was thoroughly impressed by Karl’s presentation and we think you will be too! Don’t suffer with dirty air that could be making you sick – contact Karl today! (208) 830-0051