Boise Solar Water Heating

Posted by Boise Home Helper on February 12, 2014

Solar Water Heating
Renewable Energy NW
(208) 577-6537

Renewable Energy NW LLC is a company focused on delivering “Affordable Solar Solutions”.  They strive to design, sell and install cost effective systems that deliver sustainable value to their customers.

The technology and the savings they can bring are absolutely amazing! We use evacuated tube technology to capture the radiation from the sun and put that to use heating the water for your home or business.

We also specialize in space heating applications using Solar Thermal as the heat source. For space heating we use radiant floor systems, modern radiators that wall mount and water to air heat exchangers in the forced air furnace.

These state of the art systems are perfect for everything from small getaway cabins and regular homes as well as huge dairy and industrial applications! Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you!

Carl Simpson, President
Ph. 208-577-6537
Cell. 253-514-5627